Frequently Asked Questions

What do HP and OD mean?

Some of our fabrics have a prefix like HP or OD. We use the HP and OD prefixes to identify High Performance and Outdoor fabric, respectively.

Learn more about High Performance Fabric here.

Learn more about Outdoor Fabric here.

What is a double rub?

Double rubs are a way to measure a fabric's abrasion resistance and durability. One back and forth motion counts as a double rub. This testing method is meant to mimic the affect of sitting down and standing up.

You may see double rubs measured in the Wyzenbeek or Martindale methods. These are two different methods of measuring a double rub. The Wyzenbeek machine tests the rubs in a back and forth motion while the Martinsdale method tests in a circular or figure eight motion.

For heavy use upholstery (like a family room couch, favorite chair, or ottoman) look for a minimum of 30,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek method or 40,000 cycles Martindale method.

Unless otherwise noted, the double rub count on our fabric is measured using the Wyzenbeek method.

What is the width of your fabrics?

Fabric width varies, but the majority of our fabric is 54" wide. Check the product description for the width of your specific fabric.

Keep in mind that selvages may be included in the listed width, which may subtract one or two inches from the usable width.

Some drapery fabrics are double wide, which means they measure 108" across. These fabrics arrive folded in half vertically and rolled on a spool. Double width fabrics will be noted in the product description.

How can I tell if a fabric is upholstery or drapery weight?

For your shopping convenience, we have our online fabric store divided in upholstery and drapery fabric categories. These categories are merely suggestions, but serve as helpful guidelines for the weight, durability, and ideal application of your fabric.

Some fabrics are multipurpose and are listed in both upholstery and drapery fabric categories. You can determine the durability of a fabric by the double rub count listed in the product description, or you can purchase a memo sample to feel the weight for yourself.

Can I order a fraction of a yard?

Yes. While our online store only accepts orders in full yard increments, we can accept orders in fractional quantities via phone.

Call (901) 388-0590 during regular business hours to complete your order of fractional yardage.

How do you cut and measure fabric?

We sell fabric by the linear yard, which means we measure 36" up the roll. The width varies based on the roll of fabric, but the majority of our fabric is 54" wide. Check the product description for the width of your specific fabric. Sometimes fabric width will vary, but the length of a yard is always 36 inches or 3 feet.

When we measure, we always begin above any memo samples that have been cut from the fabric to guarantee you receive the full yardage you purchased.

How much fabric do I need for my project?

Yardage estimates are one of the many services we offer when you visit us in store. While we always defer to your upholsterer or workroom for the final word on fabric requirements, we're happy to advise your fabric needs based on your measurements and photos.

What sewing services do you offer?

Our sewing workrooms offer a variety of custom home decor service offerings. We currently offer custom drapery panels, custom headboard fabrication, custom pillows, custom ottoman and table bases, and custom table skirts and table runners.

Contact us or visit us in store to get your custom project started.

Can you recommend a workroom or upholsterer?

Need expert help? We know a few people for that. You can take advantage of our list of upholstery and workroom recommendations here.

These recommendations are for the convenience of customers in the Memphis/Mid-South area. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed. Project-related questions should be directed to the upholsterer or workroom.

How do I get a sample of trim?

We are unable to offer memo samples of decorative trim. To ensure color accuracy, we recommend purchasing 1/8 yard.

Contact us to order fractional yardage.

Do you carry foam rubber padding for furniture cushions?

Yes. We stock high-density seat foam in a variety of thicknesses and slab sizes. We offer full-service cushion restoration or we can equip you for your DIY cushion project. Our high-density seat foam is ideal for providing dense core support for couch and chair cushions.

In addition to seat cushion foam, we also stock soft back foam and headboard foam.

Contact us to get your custom foam quote started.

What size pillow insert do I need?

Our pillow inserts are available in down and polyester in a variety of shapes and sizes.

For down pillows, we recommend using an insert that measures a size above your pillow cover. For example, if your pillow cover measures 20"x20", you should use a 22"x22" down insert to ensure a proper fit. We recommend this because down tends to be dense and more compact than polyester so sizing up ensures the filling reaches into the corners and fills out the edges.

For polyester pillows, your ideal insert size is the same size as your pillow cover.

To determine the size of your cover, measure your pillow horizontally and vertically in a straight line using a fabric tape measure, yardstick, or tape measure. Make sure you pull the fabric taut, measuring from seam to seam.

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